Laminate AC Ratings

Man measuring laminate board

The AC ratings are broken down into categories AC1 through AC5. Each rating has accompanying pictures/diagrams showing a product’s function and durability. The ratings are first separated by residential or commercial and then by the level of traffic: moderate, general and heavy.

Please take a look at the table below to see how each rating is comprised:

Laminate AC Ratings

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  • AC 1 AC 1 Residential, Moderate Traffic: Suitable for bedrooms or guest rooms
    AC 2 AC 2 Residential, General Traffic: Suitable for living rooms or dining rooms
    AC 3 AC 3 Residential, Heavy Traffic: Suitable for all areas
    AC 3 AC 3 Commercial, Moderate Traffic: Hotel rooms, small office
    AC 4 AC 4 Commercial, General Traffic: Office, boutique, café
    AC 5 AC 5 Commercial, Heavy Traffic: Public buildings, department stores